Video of Human AVBG Procedure (on Pump)

As I have mentioned, aortic valve bypass procedures are currently being performed by cardiac surgeons around the world.  Using generally “on pump” techniques, surgeons employ components off label to create an integrated implant at the time of surgery.

A good example of the procedure basics is shown in a video recently posted on the CTSNet web site. In the video, an AVBG “on pump” procedure is performed by Drs. Heyman Luckraz, Adam Szafranek, Christine NH Tan, and Peter A. O’Keefe at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom. The procedure was performed on a 49 year old male presenting with significant aortic stenosis (0.8 EOA / 75 mm Hg gradient), native diffuse CAD, previous CABG, and previous aortic coarctation repair. I’m sure this patient would be considered extremely high risk for conventional aortic valve replacement.

Apical access was achieved using fem/fem bypass and ventricular pacing.  With our technology (still in animal studies) we  do the entire procedure off pump on a normally beating heart.

Nonetheless, the Cardiff results were excellent. I was especially impressed with the post operative CT reconstruction showing the implanted conduit.  After seeing this image, one can appreciate how AVBG might be considered analogous to CABG (or should I say OPAVB to OPCAB).

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