First Long Term Animal Implant

On  October 23, 2008, we successfully implanted our AvA™ Bypass Graft into a 100 kg pig.  The graft was implanted by Dr. Lyle Joyce at the University of Minnesota, ESS animal research facility.  Without any cardiopulmonary support, the device was installed through the 6th intercostal space into the left ventricle of a normally beating heart and then attached to the descending aorta.  A standard, commercially available Medtronic Hall 25 mm bioprosthetic valve was suturelessly inserted into the bypass graft valve housing.

As of December 1, the pig is 39 days post op and doing well.  We expect to maintain the pig for a minimum of 45 days before explanting to observe the healing process.

This is our first chronic implant study.  In coming months, we expect to perform a series of long term animal studies to fine-tune our proprietary off pump implantation technique and to demonstrate that the device heals well into the apex and aorta and also to confirm that the bioprosthetic valve performs normally in our valve housing.

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