AVBG References

I just added a new section to our website called Reference Materials.  I have posted a few of the hundreds of references I have collected over the past few years on AVBG.

Dr. Gammie and group at the University of Maryland have a good paper summarizing the current state of the art.

Dr.  Kerut and his colleagues in Louisiana have a good paper analyzing flow post implantation using TTE and TEE.

Dr. Speziali and group from Pittsburgh have a good paper showing the current “On Pump” technique in detail


Dr.   Nishimura and his group from Japan have a great picture of an implanted graft.

Even though these papers, and many others from around the world, report on the success of the basic procedure, we at Cardious think the current clinical use is only the “tip of the iceberg”.  What is needed is a specifically engineered implant device and insertion tool to allow a surgeon to repeatedly and confidently perform the procedure, using a valve of choice, on a beating heart.

Our goal is to deliver exactly that.

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