The State of the Art

At Cardious, our goal is to move the aortic valve bypass graft procedure from a  procedure performed only by

AVBG Human Implant

AVBG Human Implant

surgeons willing and able to source needed components (off label)  and build the implant on the back table, to a predictable, easy to perform  procedure using an approved device and tool.  We will be successful when all surgeons have access to the implant and tools needed to  perform this procedure off-pump safely and with confidence.   But, until then, surgeons will, out of necessity, continue to perform this procedure using the best available but suboptimal materials and methods.

Recently, at the TCT convention in San Francisco amongst  interventional cardiologists promoting transcatheter valves as the “final solution” in AVR, Dr, James Gammie presented the  state of the art in aortic valve bypass grafting. His presentation did an excellent job explaining the features and benefits of AVBG along with his clinical results.

Compared to Standard AVR, Dr. Gammie points out that AVBG needs:

  • No Aortic Cross Clamping
  • No Debridement/Removal of Diseased Valve
  • No Aortic Cannulation
  • No CPB

Together, these all minimize embolic risk.  Also, AVBG has the following features:

  • No Sternotomy
  • No Cardioplegic Arrest
  • No Patient-Prosthesis Mismatch
  • No Heart Block

Dr. Gammie reported on his series of 31 patients, representing 7 % of his isolated AVR procedures.  Pre-op STS scores were 9.3 +/- 4.5.  Operative mortality was 26% in his first 15 pts. and 0% in his last 16 patients.  Side effects have been minimal.

Along with Dr. John Brown, Dr. Gammie has become a leading proponent of bypass grafts in the United States and has done an excellent job promoting the procedure to his colleagues.

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