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Video of Human AVBG Procedure (on Pump)

As I have mentioned, aortic valve bypass procedures are currently being performed by cardiac surgeons around the world.  Using generally “on pump” techniques, surgeons employ components off label to create an integrated implant at the time of surgery. A good example of the procedure basics is shown in a video recently posted on the CTSNet [...]

AVBG in the News

Dr. James Gammie, a cardiac surgeon at the University of Maryland, has performed many AVBG (Aortic Valve Bypass Graft) procedures over the past few years. Recently, Shelly Wood, a reporter for heartwire, did a story on his work in this area.  The article is titled Aortic-valve bypass: A time-tested, minimally invasive alternative to valve-replacement surgery.   [...]

Why is Cardious developing an Aortic Valve Bypass Graft?

Short answer – we don’t think it is prudent to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Now the longer answer. Prior to starting Cardious, my partner Kem Schankereli and I were consulting for a stent valve start-up company.  After given the basic concept by the physician founder, our job was to design and build [...]

Welcome to Cardious and the Cardious blog

Welcome to the Cardious website… and this Cardious blog. My name is Jim Pokorney, and I am a founder and president of the company. Within this site you will find a description of Cardious Inc., an emerging medical device company located in St. Paul, MN.  Cardious is focused on the development of a less invasive [...]