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Does the Blood Flow Up?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked that question when I present our aortic valve bypass concept to non-surgeons. I no longer need to answer by referring the doubting Thomas’ only to the substantial body of clinical evidence published over the past 40 years demonstrating that apex to aorta valve bypass [...]

What We Believe

Recently, I was asked why I thought our aortic valve bypass graft product is competitive compared to transcatheter products that are already in human studies.  After some thought, below are the fundamental reasons why we think we have a good chance for success. We believe a successful aortic valve surgery business should revolve around experienced [...]

I’ll be happy to give you innovative thinking. What are the guidelines?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that a few years back my design consulting firm was involved in the development of a transcatheter valve device.  Like my cartoon friend to the left, when I started the project I  asked my client what were the design guidelines.  Basically, the answer I received, which I think would [...]

120 Day Explant

Last week we explanted the AVBG device we installed in a pig in October – approximately 120 day implant duration.    The valve (25 mm Hancock II) inserted into the housing looked fully functional.  We got some terrific echo data.  A quick look at the internal housing via a boroscope indicated a normal pannus response. We did not open it.   [...]

First Long Term Animal Implant

On  October 23, 2008, we successfully implanted our AvA™ Bypass Graft into a 100 kg pig.  The graft was implanted by Dr. Lyle Joyce at the University of Minnesota, ESS animal research facility.  Without any cardiopulmonary support, the device was installed through the 6th intercostal space into the left ventricle of a normally beating heart [...]

Why is Cardious developing an Aortic Valve Bypass Graft?

Short answer – we don’t think it is prudent to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Now the longer answer. Prior to starting Cardious, my partner Kem Schankereli and I were consulting for a stent valve start-up company.  After given the basic concept by the physician founder, our job was to design and build [...]