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AVBG References

I just added a new section to our website called Reference Materials.  I have posted a few of the hundreds of references I have collected over the past few years on AVBG. Dr. Gammie and group at the University of Maryland have a good paper summarizing the current state of the art. Dr.  Kerut and [...]

I’ll be happy to give you innovative thinking. What are the guidelines?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that a few years back my design consulting firm was involved in the development of a transcatheter valve device.  Like my cartoon friend to the left, when I started the project I  asked my client what were the design guidelines.  Basically, the answer I received, which I think would [...]

120 Day Explant

Last week we explanted the AVBG device we installed in a pig in October – approximately 120 day implant duration.    The valve (25 mm Hancock II) inserted into the housing looked fully functional.  We got some terrific echo data.  A quick look at the internal housing via a boroscope indicated a normal pannus response. We did not open it.   [...]